A serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of enterprise software development experience launching various successful startups in USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe and India.

Mihai Draghici

Mike Draghici is a serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience turning ideas into products and launching startups in several countries including Romania, USA, Canada, Mexico and India. He has founded over 25 companies that range from sole proprietorship in smaller local markets to several limited liability partnerships and corporations doing business around the world.

He has two provisional patents on proprietary technology for a mobile dispatching terminal used in taxis, a lottery gaming system for non-banked markets and one non-provisional application submitted for a luggage tracking device. He also owns a registered trademark with EUIPO for “Paybyface”, a biometric payment platform.

He is also a full stack senior software engineer and systems architect with many years of experience working on enterprise cloud platforms, mobile apps, databases, web services, front office applications, business intelligence systems, ML/AI & data science, scalability and performance frameworks.

He has been interviewed by local TV news stations, national media channels, popular magazines and radio stations for some of his works in the past.

In addition to his technology background, he has also published a scientific research paper on Earth’s fault lines and Earth’s axial tilt that could be related to a possible cosmic impact and he loves playing soccer!